LUSAKA, Zambia: Partnership with Ministry of Higher Education

Ministry of Higher Education this morning has thanked its cooperating partner, Astria Learning  for its unwavering support in Education Management. During a meeting with the Permanent Secretary Mrs. Kayula Siame at Ministry of Higher Education this morning, Astria Learning Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jeff Bordes donated One Million face masks to be distributed to all Higher Education Institutions.

Mrs Kayula expressed her gratitude for the cooperation and support Astria Learning has been rendering to supporting Colleges and Universities in the advancement of learning through provision of digital tools. “Digital resources continue to enable easy access of education to students and have enabled research which is critical to education and for that, Astria Learning’s digital platforms and partnerships are greatly appreciated.” She added.

Permanent Secretary Mrs. Siame Kayula assured that the donation of the face masks will be distributed to all institutions and will go a long way to support students through the pandemic.

Mrs. Kayula elatedly expressed her welcome to see a deepening cooperation with Astria Learning through provision of devices such as the Edutablet and the Astria Digital Library.  She said this will ensure that students have the right devices to access eLearning.

Astria Learning Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jeff Bordes reassured his pledge and support to the Ministry of Higher Education through the donation of the One Million face masks.

“We are in a time of crisis and our focus is to support in every way possible as it is not about profit but about numbers and ensuring we reach the rural communities.” Dr. Jeff Bordes said.

Dr. Bordes added that it is his wish to see that all rural and outskirt communities are able to access education and hence the company is working through various means to make this possible which will include unlimited access to resources not only available on android but also desktops.

It was announced that Astria Learning and the Ministry of Higher Education will work together to provide portable tablet computers called EduTabs to colleges and universities designed specifically for learning to enable easy access to educational materials-Anytime, Anywhere.