Cameroun-Salon de l’Industrialisation de l’Afrique “I4FRICA-B2B”: Portrait de Kaouther Bchir Ben-Hassine, conférencier.

Le ” Salon de l’Industrialisation de l’Afrique” intitulé I4FRICA-B2B” qui se tiendra du 18 au 22 novembre 2021 au Cameroun aura comme thématique principale «La Femme et l’industrialisation pour le développement inclusif et durable de l’Afrique» à travers les nombreuses personnalités du monde scientifique, économique, mdiatique et socioculturel présentes, répondra à ces préoccupations.

Portrait conférencier :

 Kaouther Bchir Ben-Hassine

Tunisienne, Assistant Professor

 Agro-Food , High School of Agriculture-Mograne

 Agricultural Production System and Sustainable Development (SPADD).

PhD in Biotechnological Engineering, INSAT Tunis.

Determining the impact of the variety, the resort, the extraction system and storage conditions on the quality of olive oil and consumer preferences.

Thesis works were performed at the laboratory of Biochemistry and Nutrition and Functional Food Sanitation under the direction of Professor Mohamed Hammami and Dr. Naziha KAMMOUN unit “Technology and Quality” of the Olive Institute- Sfax.

Master’s degree in Food Quality,  INAT Tunis.

Analytical characterization of olive oil space: physico-chemical aspects, sensory and hedonic.

Agro-Food Engineer, School of Food Industry of Tunis.

Expert in olive oil taster

Consultant with olive oil mills and food labeling (olive oil, aromatic olive oil) and consumer survey.

Member of the biologist’s association as well as the defense of consumer association

Committee member of Cooperation project of olive oil contests organization through the consultations with the union of farmers on the proposed development of products for the rural women organizing olive oil quality courses with UTICA and several training sessions of tasting olive oil  panel experts.

Research programs on the geographical indication of traditional local products with the professor Sebei Houssine, head of the Laboratory of Improving Natural and hydraulic Resources at the high school of agriculture. I currently teach a course in international local products with Erasmus food identity master.

Collaboration with CRA OLI olive oil “growing olive and olive oil industry and research center RENDE to build a data bank of different olive oil varieties.

Collaboration with INRA Dijon” European Science Center of taste” with the aim of developing new methods and methodology in sensorial olive oil profil .

Collaboration with Nante Agro-Campus for the development of sensometry data mining and analysis text mining applied on olive oil.