BREAKING NEWS URGENT ! Industrialization Fair for Africa (Africa B2B)

Cameroon will be built with you! Your courage, your will, your resilience for the development of our villages, our regions, our nation and our continent will be built by us.

Peut être une image de 1 personne et texte qui dit ’EXHEITION forArica-B2B FROM QUEEN MOTHER CONSUTLANCY (QMC) ORGANIZES THE AFRICA INDUSTRIALIZATION EXHIBITION AND TROPHY ENTITLED 14AFRICA-B2B YAOUNDE. OF ERLATHEMEAONFO TN 05558 15588 kupkt © OMC Register now the technopol of your choice Technopole Agriculture gri-food Technopole People with disabilities Trade and services technopole Technopole Finance and insurance Technopole processing conservation Technopole Tourism leisure Technopole Energy Technopole Heritage Food and Market Technopole Education training Technopole pharmacopoeia Technopole fisheries fishproducts Aerospace Technopole FESTIMUSIC Technopole Yaounde Cameroon www.i4africab2b.com International: 1687852995 gmotherconsultancy@gmail.com Afrique Europe: +33650945458 Cameroun: +237 bfa@gmail expo Tradex nss Partuers E3E3 nssandpartners@gmail.com CLUBPIAS' Africa Business OFAD PICCINI’We must open up the villages, install energy units, create production technopoles.
Don’t think that this is impossible, we are bringing you the experts, the funding for this. We will set up local processing units.
We will provide you with various packaging machines.
For all your packaging needs, we provide you with a selection of automatic machines for individual or grouped packaging.
The industrialisation of a country starts with the sanitary diagnosis of the land, the analysis of global warming, the temperature of the soil, rivers, seas, the level of pollution, etc. We bring you the knowledge is space weather observation for the first time in Cameroon, we will have a prominent expert in earth observation.
New technologies at your fingertips at I4AFRICA-B2B
We are waiting for you 18-22 november 2021 in Yaoundé, don’t think you didn’t know, register now.
In the technopole of your choice on the website: www.i4africab2b.com